Special Programs for Libraries

"Tim had our employees rolling with laughter dealing with scenarios at the Circ. Desk!  But disguised in that humor is the lasting message of why we need to give good service… and how.  He’s been a value to us for  many years.”     
 -Sharon Breen, Assistant Director, Middle Country Public Library

"Serving Patrons"

This high-energy mini-seminar has been a favorite of libraries in Suffolk and Nassau Counties for over ten years now.  Tim begins with the old, “What’s In It For Me?!” for the employees.  In other words, why should they give good service.  That sets the mood—‘cause now, there really is good reason to be open to the morning’s  (or afternoon’s) content.

Then the discussion turns to what really is  good service… what does it look like, what does it feel like, etc.  This leads to the meat of the day: People Types we may encounter… “know-it-alls,” “bullies,” “con-artists,” and a few surprises as well!  Not only do library employees see themselves in these realistic situations, but they come away with skills in how to address these situations, confidently and effectively.

There’s lots of other pluses too… employees enjoy The Top Ten List of What Makes An Effective Patron Server.  It’s not what they expected!

Training Seminars and Workshops

Specialized for non-profit groups, a special complimentary offer for meetings of twenty-five or more in number:

“The Three Secrets of a REAL Manager” (a thirty-minute luncheon/dinner sharing)

A few other seminars Tim has presented include:

  • Positive Supervisory Management
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Relationship Selling
  • Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Difficult People
  • Effective Communication
  • Balancing Stress at Work and Home
  • Percolating Time and Priorities
    and many more!

Some of Tim's select clients include:


Outstanding!  It really helped me review my management and organizational skills.  A great ‘refresher!’  (Tom Shea, Asst. Prin., Longwood School District, NY)

Thank you so much for the morning of learning and laughter!  You are certainly able to bring out the best in people!  The staff loved your program.  It was amazing how much you were able to accomplish in less than one hour (Judith Gibbard, Director, Patchogue-Medford Library, NY)

Thank you for identifying the keys to successful living! (Sharon Fagan, Director, Informnet, Remsenburg, NY)

Mr. McHeffey’s sense of humor and energy level throughout the Managing Multiple Priorities seminar were outstanding  (Don Murphy, Asst. Principal, Longwood School District, NY)

Every business manager and owner can benefit by this information (Judy Goodsell, former HR Director, Tortorella Pools, Southampton, NY)

He's the best guy around! (Mrs. McHeffey, Tim's Mom)

Nothing but kudos were expressed for your customer service presentations.  We appreciate both your enthusiasm and your unmitigated commitment to the idea of excellent customer service.  It is quite apparent you share our philosophy of outstanding public service.  You reinforced what we try to communicate to our staff; but how powerful are the words of an expert!  (Rochelle Lipkind, former Asst. Director, Middle Country Public Library)

Great resource… ‘love the guarantee! (Sarah Conrad, Director of Training and Operations, National Retail Federation Foundation, Washington, DC)

'Enjoyed your seminar at the HIA Trade Show.  It was a great 'how to' handle problems with employees.  'Wish the time could have been longer!  (Ellen Blank, Chromate Industrial Corp. (Long Island, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta))